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If you only selected Other Options, you may enter your interests in the Comments field at the bottom of this page and submit the form. You do not need to complete the following fields.

For all other services, please provide the following information for the mass registration (included in all plans):

Site Category

Site Title (should be relevant and brief(should be relevant and brief)

Site Description (50 words or less that describe the essence)

Keywords (words or phrases people would use to locate your site)

Yahoo! Category. Cut and paste the actual category from the Yahoo! listing. 
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Public contact information (how the general public can reach you):

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If you selected the Internet Intro service, you may submit the form now. If you selected the Internet Presence or Advanced Promotion, please continue.

To create your META tags, Web Panache will need access to your web site code. If we did not create your site and do not currently host it, please provide instructions and contact information for accessing it:

Please list your top competitor's name(s) and web addresses if known:

Are you aware of any specific sites or organizations you would like to be referenced in?

Have you used another registration service? Please describe what was done.

If you had to divide your customers/members into specific groups/categories, what would they be? (example: students, business travelers and vacationers)

For each of the group/category listed, please provide the following 3 items:

-A title that would appeal to that specific group
-18 keywords that would appeal to that specific group
-A short description that would appeal to that specific group

Refer to Group 1 as an example:

Yahoo! registration requirements differ slightly from those used in your mass promotion. The following information is needed for your Yahoo! registration:

Are you already registered in Yahoo! ?No     Yes

If Yes, please provide the e-mail used to register your site with Yahoo!

Re-registering with Yahoo! could impact your current results.
Do you want to be re-registered?  No     Yes  NA

Site Title for Yahoo! (composed only with your company name and some descriptive  keywords, for example: My company internet service)

Site Description for Yahoo! (write a single, natural sentence of no more than 25 words in length. Do not include words that already appear in the category or title)

General comments.  If you selected Other, please mention your interests here.



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