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Web promotion is certainly not limited to search engine registrations!

Banner Ads Banners ads offer a more aggressive, active way to advertise your site. They can target specific groups of people or general audiences.

Most banner exchange programs charge on a per impression basis where you pay for a set number of appearances in a search engine over a given period of time. Others, however, operate under a per click fee. Your banner is placed on a stationary site and only incurs a charge when it is actually "clicked".  We'd be happy to advise you which programs are best for you, and design the banners as well.    

$50 hr
Buying Keywords A new and exciting service on the web promotion market is "key word purchasing". Some search engines (i.e. goto.com) sell keywords by the click. For instance, if you want to purchase the word "ice-cream" you can see what the current top price for that words is. If the current price is $.05 a click, you can purchase it for $.06 a click and be at the top of the list. Respectively, a purchase at $.04 cents would probably place you in the top 20. These are not banners. They are actual rankings.

Web Panache can help you research your keywords, their prices, and enroll you in the various programs.

$50 hr
Others Linking to You Sometimes the best advertisement comes from other sites linking to your own, or registering with the more obscure search engines specific to your industry.  We can help you research other web sites you may wish to be associated with, and request links for you where appropriate. $50 hr

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