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Web promotion is an essential part of your web site project. We cannot stress enough how important it is to build "off-ramps" to your URL on the "super-highway".

We offer three excellent services for the promotion of your site:

Internet Intro The Internet Intro submits your index.html file (as is) to approximately 1400 search engines based on keywords you provide. You receive a report outlining the submission results. There is no coding, consulting or follow-up included in the Internet Intro program. This plan is designed for sites in need of an overall, general introduction to the web. $50
Internet Presence The Internet Presence includes adding META tags to your key HTML files based on keywords and descriptions you provide.  We then create up to 10 separate entry points specific to the top 10 search engines (e.g. an "Alta Vista Page" is generated focusing on the unique elements Alta Vista uses to rank a site.) Each page is then manually registered with the applicable search engine and also run through our mass registration tool. This plan is designed for businesses or individuals requiring a web presence. $1000+

50% deposit required

Advanced Promotion The Advanced Promotion plan includes all of the services in the previous two plans, plus researching your competition. We use your generic keywords to query each search engine and review the top pages in that field.  We then determine what characteristics these pages have in common and ensure yours have the same or better. This process is repeated for each keyword. We then create an entry point for each keyword or group of related keywords and manually register them with each search engine. This plan is for businesses or corporations looking to maximize their results. $1500+

50% deposit required


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