How to Select your Yahoo! Category

  1. Go to

  2. Using the links from the main page, drill down to the Category where you want your site to be listed.

  3. Once you have found the Category where you want your site to be listed, go the the bottom of that page and click "Suggest a Site". For more details please read:

  4. Click the button "Proceed to Step One".

  5. If the next window, ask for the "suggestion method", please click the button "Standard Submission". If not please proceed directly to step 6.

  6. On the top of the following page, copy the "Category" value into our "Yahoo Category" field of the form. If the Category takes more then one line you will have to copy and paste each line.

    This value will be something like:
    Business and Economy/Companies/Real Estate/Property Management

  7. That's it!

Note to read more information on "Finding an Appropriate Category" from Yahoo please read"


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