Frequently Asked Questions

"What's the difference between your Plan 2 and the E-Commerce Package?"
Plan 2 does not include the AbleCommerce shopping cart.

"What is meant by 'CyberCash Support' included in the plans?"
Some people confuse CyberCash support with the actual service. Ordering a CyberCash supported plan does NOT mean you will be able to process on-line payments automatically. It means that our company has a partnership with CyberCash as an Merchant Development Partner and can handle your technical requests.  CyberCash itself is a service you must order separately through them.

"I only have one product and don't want to pay for a full shopping cart. What are my options?"
For single-item or small stores with products that rarely change, you may want to consider ordering Plan 2 with secured server and on-line payment support, then creating a simple on-line order form in your web site. If you use FrontPage, you may also want to consider purchasing SalesCart to embellish your site with store-features.

"Can I use FrontPage and AbleCommerce together?"
Yes.  Although AbleCommerce creates all of the necessary pages for sales, you have the freedom to embellish your store with other HTML editors if you like.


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