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AbleCommerce Features and On-Line Demo

Web Panache is a member of the Able Solutions AbleCommerce and AbleHost programs.  After months of  research, we found that AbleCommerce was the only store creation application of its caliber that met our high standards of affordability, flexibility and ease-of-use.

n-line Demo

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Retail Shopping and Cross Selling - Simple turn-page navigation. AbleCommerce uses the preferred relational (hierarchical) categorization of products. Easily navigate products while prompted to consider related products with Cross Selling enabled.

Inventory Control - Add your product inventory with 3 possible levels of hierarchical categorization, use the copy feature for quick creation, use Styles, Wizards, custom headers and footers to easily develop unlimited possibilities of page design. Merchants may choose to display inventory information for any of the items available in the store. From the Merchant Inventory menu, add inventory quantities for each item and set reorder levels to trigger stock notifications to be emailed to the merchant.

Checkout - Editable and intuitive shopping basket functions include built-in checksum verification for credit cards and supports secure real-time payments. Seven payment options are available: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, fax-in, Purchase Order and call back. Email and fax order notifications may be automatically sent to the customer, merchant, warehouse, etc.

Online Administration - Add your product inventory, easily make global site changes, customize page settings, create multiple auxiliary pages, duplicate databases, customize shipping and taxes, and check your new orders here.

Replybuilder - Create custom forms on-the-fly, guest books, and auto-email responders for your customers. No database changes needed to design large complex custom forms with Replybuilder.

Multiple Domains and SSL ( for mall type stores ) - You can have unique domain names for a single store, group of stores, or all of your stores. Likewise, a secure certificate may be shared by all stores, different groups of stores, or a single store may have its own.

Discounts, Specials and Member Pricing - Setup custom discounts using a dollar or percentage off the price for a selected quantity of items ordered. Assign store user groups to provide special member or reseller pricing to qualified customers.

Store Features - Copy Store feature allows quick design with the included Store and Mall templates.

Shipping and Taxes - - Select from six customizable shipping options or use AbleShipper™ UPS Shipping calculator (available add-on and free with Toolbox and Developer editions). Customizable shipping methods and tax rates may be assigned by order destination.

Electronic Software Delivery - - Vendors of electronic files such as software applications, art, photographs, reports and other documents now have the ability to deliver their goods in real time and without the expenses associated with standard order fulfillment processes.

Styles - - Save time! Customize your web pages including shopping basket and checkout pages with dynamically updated styles. A Style may have custom font faces, font sizes, table colors, and page properties. Each Style may use custom Headers and Footers and be applied to all pages or individually.

Dynamic Web Pages - - Create and maintain your web site pages dynamically. Select from a variety of wizards to create your home page, store directory, or unlimited auxiliary web pages. Automatic listing of all active web pages in your store, with or without images.

Reports - Keep track of who, what, where, and when customers are buying with or without cookies. Browse log files detailing customer information such as IP address, items bought, pages viewed, and more. Built-in reports include Total Sales by date range, User Statistics, and Browser Types. Use downloadable text log files and

Security - There are two levels of online administration access. A store may have a group of users assigned merchant-level privileges for limited access to only store building functions and order processing. System administrators will have access to all store functions and the store's global settings area. All administration is accomplished with a web browser.

Wizards - Use Wizards and Wizard options to individually change page designs for web pages and all inventory items. Easily design your pages using simple checkbox selections and custom Styles. Take advantage of the special wizards included for a Search form, Search results, What's New, Product Specials, Directory, and Mall Home pages. If you need more flexibility, you may use custom wizards and edit the HTML source code to your desire.

For more information please take a look at the documentation.

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