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Wow! 20% Off Your Second Account!
Now THAT's a program!

We have developed mutually beneficial relationships with many Web Masters and Application Developers who don't necessarily want to become hosting companies. Why take on the burden and expense of maintaining T-1 connections and server performance when you have more interesting projects to manage?

Are you reseller material?
Absolutely. You do not even need to be a developer. To qualify for the Reseller Program, you must have at least one domain hosted though us at the regular rate, and maintain at least one account at the regular rate throughout the duration of your participation.

What do you have to do?
As a Reseller, you order our hosting plans for yourself and your customers. You are billed personally for all accounts opened through you (using one credit card for all) and are responsible for collecting payments from third parties. If a customer of yours does not pay, you are still responsible for the amount owed to Web Panache. We do not need to know what you actually charge your customers for hosting. You have the freedom to apply whatever mark-up you wish. We also  never contact them directly. 

Additionally, as a Reseller, you provide first level technical support for your customers (i.e. answering questions regarding publishing, e-mail and other hosting related issues). You further agree to follow our acceptable use policies and inform us if you are made aware of any party not adhering to them.

What do you get?
You get to save money! Our Reseller Program is one of the most aggressive of its kind offering a 20% discount almost immediately. Reseller discounts are based on volume according to the following chart:

Number of Domains

Reseller Rate
2 to 10 20% discount
More than 10 25% discount
More than 30 30% discount
More than 50 35% discount
More than 80 40% discount
More than 100 sites 45% discount
Over 150 sites 50% discount

Discounts are based on current, published prices at time of sale, and do not include set-up fees.

Discounts are applied to each break point only. In other words, your first 10 will receive a 20% discount, the next 20 will receive a 25% discount, etc. Each account renews at the rate is was opened under.

The discount rates above are subject to change over time, however Web Panache agrees to notify you in advance of any impact to our original agreement.

How to Enroll:

To enroll in the plan, simply submit the following form. You do not need to actually order your first account at this time. This form notifies us that you intend to be a reseller and agree with the items above.

Are you a current customer?  

Sign me up! I have read The Reseller Agreement and understand my responsibilities as a Web Panache Reseller.



Please visit our new web site:

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