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Multimedia services by Web Panache

From hobbyists to sales people, everyone agrees that Multimedia provides that impressive high-tech edge.
Multimedia isn't just bells and whistles anymore. It's a powerful business tool.

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Our Favorite demos...

Real Audio
Real Video
Microsoft Player
Check out the coolest Web Panache show in the Microsoft demo!

Get Windows Media player

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Interactive tools by Web Panache

CU-SeeMe ClassPoint and  Meeting Point from WhitePine

We offer virtual meeting rooms for your confenrecing needs. Our MeetingPoint and ClassPoint servers from White Pine are available to facilitate meeting 24/7.

Offer "chat" on your own website! Click here for a demo.
We also offer a free html based chat script to all our customers.  

Microsoft NetMeeting
Video, sound and application collaboration on the internet.  Ask us more about it - it's incredible!
All domain name customers of Web Panache have free access to our NetMeeting server with one guest.

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