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E-commerce Defined

E-commerce is not unlike any other kind of commerce.  It involves the buying and selling of goods, only in this case, over the Internet.  E-commerce sites range from a simple web page highlighting a single item to fully developed on-line catalogs featuring thousands of products.  The common theme in e-commerce sites is instant purchase, instant payment (if desired) and instant gratification for you and your customers.

Why should your company join the e-commerce bandwagon?

The internet is changing the way people think and shop.  In today's fast-paced world, we all want what we want now.  What better way is there to quickly receive orders and get your products into the hands of the people who want them?  In addition, the Internet is perhaps the best sales tool ever invented as it allows customers to browse endlessly in privacy. They can return and order again and again without ever leaving their home. 

Most agree that it is only a matter of time before all sales-oriented companies must have some sort of e-commerce presence just to stay in business.  This may prove to be an exaggeration, but wouldn't you rather be one of the first in your industry to sell on-line, rather than one of the last?


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