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Secure Socket Layer
Obtaining a Digital Certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology used to transfer data across the Internet in a safe, encrypted format. This is important if you accept credit card orders via your web site. 

To utilize SSL technology within your site, you must purchase an SSL "Digital Certificate". To order yours through Web Panache, simply follow the steps below.

Step One - Select a Vendor

Web Panache supports certificates from the following vendors.  Although the technology is similar, prices vary.  Please visit each vendor's web site for current pricing information. The amounts displayed below are approximate and may be outdated.

NOW ONLY $125!

Approx $125

Approx $349

These vendors do more than provide the technology. They verify and authenticate the companies using their certificates. This is the real value of their service.

Step Two - Complete Our Request Forms

Web Panache has partnership status with each of the vendors above. As such, we are able to simplify the process by ordering your certificate for you.  Simply complete the forms and we take care of the rest!

Step Three - Send Payment

Payment for your SSL Certificate is required in advance. Upon receipt of the request forms, you will be invoiced via e-mail.  Once payment is received, your certificate is ordered and installed when approved.

Note:  Our servers support all certificates, however, if you are considering transferring an existing certificate with your domain, please contact us. Some certificates are not transferable (particularly coming from a UNIX server to our Windows NT platform).

If you prefer a vendor not listed here, please tell us about it. We will contact them and determine if we can support their technology.


Please visit our new web site:
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