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Web Panache utilizes WEBTRENDS to provide you with the statistical information you need.

Advanced Reports
Advanced Reports include detailed information about your site's activity.
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WEBTRENDS reports are made available on the WWW or sent to you by e-mail ( in Word, Excel, HTML or ASCII format ).

Custom Reports - One-time, additional $50 fee
Custom Reports are designed to your exact requirements. This allows you greater control over the details and complexity levels. For each of these categories you may decide:

bulletYou want to have more entries (ex: You want to see the Top 30 "Path Through")
bulletThe type of graphs ( pie chart, linear ...)
bulletThe X type of graphs ( timeline or items )
bulletThe Y type of graphs ( hits, percentage of Hits or user sessions) 

Why Use Reports?
Once your site has been designed and published, you will want to know who is accessing it, how often and from where. Our exciting site access reports offer highly detailed information which provide invaluable marketing information:

bulletHow many people have accessed your site, and when.
bulletWhich cities and/or countries are accessing your site.
bulletWhich web pages people are entering and exiting from.
bulletHow long visitors are staying on each page.
bulletWhich internet provider visitors are utilizing.
bulletWhat keywords people are typing to get to your site.
bulletMuch, much more!!

Using this information you can track the activity of your site in relation to advertisement. The information in these reports we also help you improve the structure and presentation of your site.


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